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How to: Install RPMFORGE repository in R...

RPMforge repository is a utility that is used to install third party software packages under Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Community ENTerprise Operating System (CentOS). It provides more than 5000 software packages in the rpm format for these Linux distributions. RPMforge repository not a part of RHEL or CentOS but it is designed to work with these operating systems. The complete list of packages can be fount at . You’ll […]

Tip: Changing Linux top tool to htop

Tip: Changing top to htop I’d like to share with you a great tool I’ve been using for some time. All of you Linux users know the top tool which allows you to view running tasks, monitor system load, memory consumption, swap, etc… The look & feel of top is old and plain which for […]

PHP and Apache Installation on CentOS Ho...

centos -

PHP and Apache Installation on CentOS In this tutorial: how to install PHP and Apache on CentOS.   CentOS comes with Apache v.2.2.3 and PHP v.5.1.6 and they are easily installed via the default CentOS Package Manager, yum. The advantage of using yum (as opposed to installing via source code) is that you will get any […]

How To: MySQL replication – Master / Sla

MySQL replication enables one database server (we’ll call it the Master server) to be replicated to one or more database servers (we’ll call those the Slave servers). With MySQL, replication is asynchronous. This means your Slave servers do not need to be connected permanently to receive updates from the Master – for example, you could […]