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Linux Memory and Process monitoring tool...

This article is part 1 in a series of 3 articles regarding 18 Linux system monitoring tools you should know.
In this article we’re going to cover some built-in system monitoring tools as well as some open source add-on tools

which will make your life easier when troubleshooting issues regarding Memory and Processes in your server.
Most Linux distributions are equipped with many monitoring tools.
These monitoring tools provide metrics which can be used to get information about system activities, such as Disk (storage) usage, CPU and memory, or Network bottlenecks.

You can use the monitoring tools to find the possible causes of a performance issue.
The commands discussed in this article are some of the most basic monitoring commands when it comes to
system analysis and debugging server issues such as:
Finding out bottlenecks.
Disk (storage) bottlenecks.
CPU and memory bottlenecks.
Network bottlenecks.