How to add a ploop disk to an existing OpenVZ container

Following my guide Open Virtuozzo [OpenVZ] installation manual for CentOS/RHEL, In this guide, I will teach you How to add a ploop device to an existing OpenVZ container. Requirements: A CentOS/RHEL machine installed with OpenVZ. Let’s Begin: Apart from the creation of the container_id.mount and container_id.umount files, where ever you see $VE_ID , replace it…

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Open Virtuozzo [OpenVZ] installation manual for CentOS/RHEL

What is OpenVZ?

OpenVZ (Open Virtuozzo) is an operating system-level virtualization technology based on the Linux kernel and operating system.
OpenVZ allows a physical server to run multiple isolated operating system instances, called containers, virtual private servers (VPSs),
or virtual environments (VEs).
OpenVZ is similar to FreeBSD jails and Solaris Containers.

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