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Here is one of many examples:

//Exclude audiences from Google ads - Geek-KB - Meni Lavie

function main() {
  // Set the audience name you want to exclude
  var audienceName = "Audience_to_exclude";

  // Get the Google Ads account
  var account = AdsApp.currentAccount();

  // Get all campaigns in the account
  var campaigns = AdsApp.campaigns().get();

  // Iterate through each campaign
  while (campaigns.hasNext()) {
    var campaign = campaigns.next();

    // Exclude the audience from the campaign
    excludeAudienceFromCampaign(campaign, audienceName);

// Function to exclude audience from a campaign
function excludeAudienceFromCampaign(campaign, audienceName) {
  // Get the audience criterion to exclude
  var audienceCriterion = getAudienceCriterionByName(audienceName);

  // If the audience criterion exists, exclude it from the campaign
  if (audienceCriterion) {
    Logger.log("Excluded audience '" + audienceName + "' from campaign '" + campaign.getName() + "'.");
  } else {
    Logger.log("Audience '" + audienceName + "' not found.");

// Function to get audience criterion by name
function getAudienceCriterionByName(audienceName) {
  var audienceCriterion = null;

  // Get the audience criteria in the account
  var criteria = AdsApp.targeting().audiences().get();

  // Iterate through each criterion
  while (criteria.hasNext()) {
    var criterion = criteria.next();
    var criterionName = criterion.getAudience().getAudienceName();

    // Check if the criterion matches the specified audience name
    if (criterionName === audienceName) {
      audienceCriterion = criterion;

  return audienceCriterion;

Using Google ads scripts can speed up the process when approaching and existing account or auditing it.