It’s a machine; give it some time. in the meantime here are 5 tips that will get you through the experience of talking to ChatGPT

Rule #1 – Start fresh

If you are not sure about stuff that you have discussed in your chat before, use
Forget everything discussed before this message.

Rule #2 – Skip Pleasantries

Save yourself some time and remove hello, how are you, please, thank you and other polite gestures, capital letters, or any other time-wasting gestures. of course, if you write faster capitalizing letters or start a request with the word please its best to communicate that way, but the idea is to make it easy for you. save yourself the time and streamline communication
If you wish to generate text that will use this tone, just ask for it.

No need for 'hello' or 'thank you,' just get to the point.

Rule #3 – Harness engine learning to the game

By allowing questions, you can help improve the answer quality.

Feel free to ask for clarification before responding.

Rule #4 – Specify output

Would you like to get an Excel file? an SQL query? a javascript? a story to publish?

Rule #5 – Provide Examples

Offer illustrative instances to aid comprehension and improve response accuracy.

Can you demonstrate with a couple of scenarios?