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How to remove Siri from my MacBook

How to remove Siri from my MacBook

Siri is very nice and all, but when I decided to uninstall it I found out that as opposed to any other app I can easily install / Uninstall from my Macbook, Removing Siri can be a headache.

Never the less, This is how to remove Siri from your macbook in 5 simple steps

Nessus: Persistent Changes USB on for BT...

Nessus persistent changes usb

Persistent Changes USB on Nessus for BT5: NOTICE FOR BT5 This how-to will be updated with specifics for Backtrack 5. As it sits, it does not work with Backtrack 5. If you have a 16GB stick, please try this one. ———————————————————— UPDATE 12/16/2010: Updated to use R2 and removed references to R1, the pre-release version and final versions of Backtrack. […]

Bash: The shift command built-in

The shift command built-in What does it do? The shift command is one of the Bourne shell built-ins that comes with Bash. This command takes one argument, a number. The positional parameters are shifted to the left by this number, N. The positional parameters from N+1 to $# are renamed to variable names from $1 to $# – N+1. Say you have a command that […]