Fix daylight saving times

How to: Fix daylight saving times differences in countries with special DST rules.

This fix updates the current version of tzdata package as well as fixes the work with NTP servers

1. Install tzdata package using your favourite package manager (in my case it’s yum on a CentOS machine):

yum install/update tzdata -y

2. When package finishes installing type: tzselect in order to choose your Continent and Country:


3. Delete your current time zone settings:

rm -f /etc/localtime

4. Create a soft link from your country’s zoneinfo to /etc :

ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Jerusalem /etc/localtime

5. Stop ntpd daemon:

service ntpd stop

6. Synchronize the server against an active NTP server:


7. Restart ntpd daemon:

service ntpd start


That’s it!