Tutorial: Setup NjRAT and Hack Facebook, Twitter, Paypal Password

RAT, as we all know, is Remote Administration Tool. A tool which is used to hack computers remotely. It is mostly used for malicious purposes, such as controlling PC’s, stealing victims data, deleting or editing some files. You can only infect someone by sending him file called Server (Agent) and they need to click it. Today in this article I am going to share one more RAT called “NjRat” which allows us to hack and steal information of victims. Rat software resembles a keylogger but it has many advanced features as compare to any keylogger like you cant control others computer using keylogger except Sniperspy Keylogger, but by using RAT software you can easily control any computer / laptop, you can also create modify, delete files in your victim computer and many more..

Hack Facebook / Paypal Password using NjRAT | How To Setup NjRAT

Follow the instruction given bellow to setup NjRAT,

Step 1

Free Download NjRAT to hack Computer or email account password.

Step 2
Now, go to No-ip.com and register for an account. After email verification, login to your account and click on “Add a host” to get this page,
hack facebook password

Step 3

Now, fill the information as below: –

hack facebook password

Hostname : Choose anything you want. Here, I have used- wildhacker.
From the adjacent drop down box, select “no-ip.biz” (Don’t use any other or it may not work).
Leave all things same and hit on “Create host”.

Step 4
Now, free download No-ip client and install it on your computer. Run the No-ip client software and enter your No-ip login and password. After a successful log-in, No-ip shows pop-up box like this (if it doesn’t show, hit on “Select Hosts”):
hack facebook password
Step 5
Hit on checkbox just besides your host created in Step 4 and hit on Save. That’s it. You have completed setting up free No-ip host.

Step 6

Now run njRAT.exe file,


Step 7

Now click on Builder option and fill the information as below:

Host : Host name which you have created in step 3.
Victim name : Enter anything you want.
Exe Name : Enter anything you want.
And finally select option Randomize Stub.

hack facebook password

Now click on Build option to create server file.

hack facebook password
Thats it.
Now all you need to do  is just spread that server file, then, when a victim runs the executable – the remote PC will automatically connect to your PC.
After that you can do anything you wish in your victim’s machine.

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